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Although the history of literature is lengthy and intricate, its medium for expression has been quite linear. First there was papyrus, then vellum, and eventually paper. Vellum was used for a very long time because of its durability and re-usability and was nothing more than prepared animal skin, akin to leather as we know it today. Have you seen those beautiful and ancient looking manuscripts at the library and wondered how they lasted so long? Yep, they were made with vellum.

Thankfully the creation of books has shifted to a more humane method, but the word vellum still engenders in me visions of ancient books full of knowledge, of libraries and coffee, of quiet, meditative moments next to a fireplace with the very best that literature has to offer.

So, I decided portray to the world our passion for literature through clothing, which is, if you think about it for a bit, our second skin. Second skin, get it? Vellum. Skin. Clothes. It just clicked, didn’t it? So go ahead and proclaim through your fashion choices those very things that have made you knowledgeable, that give you license to dream and wonder, that flood you with giddiness and yearning: reading, coffee, libraries, books, and literature writ large!


Greetings and welcome! Unless you landed on this page by mere accident, I have a strong idea as to why you are here; but you may be wondering the same about me, so please allow me to indulge you.

I cannot remember as hard as I may try a period in my life when I didn’t love books. Throughout the critical stages of my intellectual formation I ate with them, thought about the world through them, dreamt of the realms I found in them, and slowly came to the irrevocable conclusion that there are few pleasures more edifying and fulfilling than the act of reading.


  • I prefer classic literature.
  • I'm a chocolate addict.
  • I am deeply in love with traveling and the overarching wonders of nature.


Hello! I’m Azura, a twenty year old artist from Indonesia. Azura is a pseudonym, derived from the word Azure; a shade of blue because my favorite color is well, blue.

For as long as I can remember, my life has always been revolved around art, having a mother that excels at pretty much anything that requires artistic talents from painting, cooking to interior designing must have helped shape who I am today.

As a teen we all must have endured difficult times, during those times which I have found comfort in books. Finding the book community has been one of my favorite discoveries yet, it has inspired me to create artworks based on those books I so much loved.

Now I try my best to hone my skills as an artist, especially since I have very recently started digital art, and try to bring these wonderful words to life.